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NingBo Chinmed Technology company limited is a professional wound care adhesive dressing manufacturer with many adhesive experts and good services work team. ChinMed has produced wound care adhesive dressings covering traditional wound dressings and advanced wound dressings, which widely application through a variety of types and suitable for pharmacies, hospitals, home and sports.

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  • Roll Material

    Can you provide roll material? Yes.Roll material are made of different material bases, coated with acrylic adhesive.
  • Certification

    Q:Do you have any certificate? A:Thanks for you attention. Yes,we have the ISO 13485, CE0120 and FDA certificates.
  • hydrocolloid wound dressing

    6、What are the features of hydrocolloid wound dressing? A、Semi-transparent, better for observing wound healing process. B、Elastic,comfortable,free movement,suitable to any body parts. C、PU film surface, water-proof, reduce the risk of rolling
  • hydrocolloid blister plaster

    How to use the hydrocolloid blister plaster? 1- Clean the wound, choose a suitable size and apply on it 2- Watch the gel, if the color of gel turn to white, you should change it. 3-If you go out for a long time, you’d better take several pieces t
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