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Notice the new year holiday

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ChinMed company new year holiday as follows:

the holiday is start from 28th January to 6th FEB.

we will back office and begin work again in 7th FEB,

wish everyone have a good vacation!

                                     ------------------ChinMed service team

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  • Roll Material

    Can you provide roll material? Yes.Roll material are made of different material bases, coated with acrylic adhesive.
  • Certification

    Q:Do you have any certificate? A:Thanks for you attention. Yes,we have the ISO 13485, CE0120 and FDA certificates.
  • hydrocolloid wound dressing

    6、What are the features of hydrocolloid wound dressing? A、Semi-transparent, better for observing wound healing process. B、Elastic,comfortable,free movement,suitable to any body parts. C、PU film surface, water-proof, reduce the risk of rolling
  • hydrocolloid blister plaster

    How to use the hydrocolloid blister plaster? 1- Clean the wound, choose a suitable size and apply on it 2- Watch the gel, if the color of gel turn to white, you should change it. 3-If you go out for a long time, you’d better take several pieces t
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